Bellarks Polytechnic is NBTE Accredited

The accreditation of a programme by the National Board for Technical Education means that the Board has granted public recognition to a diploma programme offered by an institution which has met its established educational standards and qualifications as determined through initial and periodic evaluations. NBTE Accreditation is issued when an institution meets the nbte accreditation requirements. Meeting the nbte requirements for accreditation, makes it possible for an institution to be referred to as an NBTE Accredited Institution. Bellarks Polytechnic has fully met all NBTE accreditation requirements. This means that Bellarks Polytechnic offers NBTE Accredited programs in the Institution.

Bellarks Polytechnic Entrepreneurship Programs.

We train and equip students on the following entrepreneurial skills.

Tailoring Skills.

At Bellarks Polytechnic Kwale, we train students and interested candidates on: The Basics of tailoring, pattern drafting, fashion design, hats and fascinator.

Welding and Fabrication.

We train students to be specialized in Industry standard machine fabrication, Industrial pipe welding, structural welding, general welding and maintenance.

 Website Development.

We train students on Front-end (HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT), Back-end(Php/Mvsqli, Oracle & db management), Digital Marketing skills & React.


We train and equip you on good culinary skills on how to prepare Local, Continental dishes, Pastries, Cake making and many more.

Best Polytechnic in Delta State

Research shows that Bellarks Polytechnic is the fastest growing indigenously owned polytechnic in Delta State with a keen focus on students well being. Unlike the norm, Bellarks Polytechnic is poised to take education in Kwale and Delta State to greater heights. Educational rankings can change over time, and it’s essential to consider various factors when determining the best polytechnic for your needs, such as the programs they offer, accreditation, faculty qualifications, facilities, and student reviews. Bellarks Polytechnic meets and exceeds all this requirements.  


Life on Campus at Bellarks Polytechnic Kwale.

The Polytechnic has a very conducive learning environment for students to thrive. Life on campus can be an exciting and transformative experience for students. It’s a time when you not only pursue your academic goals but also explore your interests, make lifelong friends, and grow as an individual. Here’s a glimpse into what life on Bellarks Polytechnic campus offers:

  1. Academic Opportunities:
  • Classes: You’ll attend a variety of classes in your chosen field of study, with professors who are experts in their respective fields.
  • Research: Many campuses offer research opportunities for undergraduates, allowing you to work on projects that can have a real-world impact.
  • Libraries: Access to extensive libraries and online resources to support your studies.
  1. Social Life:
  • Clubs and Organizations: Joining clubs and organizations related to your interests (e.g., sports, arts, academics, volunteering) is a great way to meet like-minded people and develop new skills.
  • Events: Campuses host a plethora of events, from concerts and movie nights to cultural festivals and guest speakers.
  • Diversity: Exposure to people from different backgrounds and cultures can broaden your horizons and help you develop a global perspective.
  1. Personal Growth:
  • Independence: Living away from home can teach you valuable life skills like time management, budgeting, and problem-solving.
  • Leadership: Opportunities to take on leadership roles within student organizations can help you develop leadership skills.
  • Networking: Building relationships with professors and peers can open doors to future career opportunities.
  1. Health and Wellness:
  • Fitness Facilities: Most campuses have gyms, fitness classes, and sports facilities for students to stay active.
  • Counseling Services: Access to mental health support services to help you cope with the challenges of college life.
  • Healthy Dining Options: Dining halls offer a variety of meal options, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices.
  1. Residential Life:
  • Dormitories: Living on campus provides a unique opportunity to forge close friendships with roommates and neighbors.
  • Residential Assistants: Trained student staff who provide guidance and support in the dorms.
  • Community Activities: Dorms often host social events, movie nights, and study groups.
  1. Career Development:
  • Internships: Campuses often have career centers to help you find internships and prepare for your future career.
  • Job Fairs: Events where you can meet potential employers and explore different career paths.
  • Resume Building: Workshops and resources to help you create a compelling resume and LinkedIn profile.
  1. Campus Amenities:
  • Recreation: Parks, green spaces, and scenic spots to relax and enjoy nature.
  • Technology: Access to cutting-edge technology, including computer labs and high-speed internet.
  • Transportation: Convenient shuttle services or public transportation options.
  1. Support Services:
  • Academic Advising: Guidance on course selection and degree planning.
  • Tutoring: Access to tutoring services for academic support.
  • Health Services: Medical clinics for basic healthcare needs.

Life on campus is a unique blend of academic, social, and personal experiences. It’s a time to learn, grow, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Embrace the opportunities, make the most of your time, and enjoy this exciting phase of your life. Welcome to Bellarks Polytechnic.

Learning Digital Marketing in Bellarks Poytechnic

Digital marketing refers to the use of digital channels, platforms, and technologies to promote and advertise products, services, or brands to a targeted audience. It encompasses a wide range of online activities and strategies aimed at connecting with potential customers, building brand awareness, driving website traffic, and ultimately, generating sales or leads. Digital marketing leverages the internet and various digital devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and social media platforms, to reach and engage with consumers.

Key components and strategies within digital marketing include:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The process of optimizing a website’s content and structure to improve its visibility in search engine results pages.
  2. Content Marketing: Creating and sharing valuable and relevant content (e.g., blog posts, videos, infographics) to attract and engage a target audience. Content marketing aims to build trust and authority, ultimately leading to conversions.
  3. Social Media Marketing: Utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect with an audience, share content, and run paid advertising campaigns to reach specific demographics.
  4. Email Marketing: Sending targeted emails to subscribers or potential customers to inform, educate, or promote products and services. Email marketing can be highly personalized and is effective for customer retention and lead nurturing.
  5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Running paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads or Bing Ads, where advertisers pay for each click on their ads. This allows for precise targeting and immediate visibility.
  6. Affiliate Marketing: Partnering with affiliates or influencers to promote products or services. Affiliates earn a commission for every sale or lead generated through their promotional efforts.
  7. Online Advertising: Displaying ads on websites, mobile apps, and social media through various ad formats, such as banner ads, video ads, and native ads.
  8. Social Media Advertising: Running paid ad campaigns on social media.

Digital marketing offers businesses the advantage of precise targeting, real-time analytics, and the ability to adjust strategies quickly. It has become an integral part of modern marketing efforts, allowing companies to connect with their audience in a more personalized and measurable way compared to traditional marketing methods. All this and so much more are achievable in Bellarks. We at Bellarks Polytechnic wholesomely teaches students everything about Digital Marketing in a robust manner, churning out professionals periodically. 

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