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Service through Knowledge, Innovation and Character

KM. 4, Kwale-Asaba Exp. Way, beside Lococoon Hotel, Kwale, Delta State.

Delta State, Nigeria

About Bellarks Polytechnic Kwale

Our History

Bellarks Polytechnic Kwale was borne out of the need to create and enhance quality human capital development and acquisition of entrepreneurial skills for youths particularly in Niger Delta and the Nation at large for the purpose of making them self-reliant. The polytechnic was founded in 2017 by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ebinum and has received its accreditation from the Federal government through National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

Bellarks Polytechnic is a Private God fearing institution with the view to producing quality students and has based its vision on becoming a reputable technological institution contributing actively to national development. Also, to become a centre of excellence for tertiary level training of technical and professional human resources with entrepreneurial skills standing on competency-based training, commitment to quality, fair opportunities for all and environmental protection.

The core values which the members of the polytechnic cherish and uphold seek to build in all those who work or pass through the institution are: Integrity: The Polytechnic believes in integrity, which encompasses moral uprightness, honesty, reliability and credibility. It has to do with self- control and discipline. Pace – Setting: The polytechnic is committed to setting the pace for others to follow. This calls for competence, hard-work, sacrifice, diligence and conscientiousness. It involves striving to achieve excellence by continuously improving and innovating for the best possible outcomes.

Good Stewardship: The institution believes in harnessing resources (Physical, spiritual, intellectual and financial) and talents which will be dedicated to the efficient and effective use of same to achieve maximum result for all. In this vein, time is considered a valued resource. Accordingly, we uphold punctuality at work and study. Therefore lateness to work, lectures, meetings and other functions and events is not tolerated.

Leadership by example: The polytechnic considers leadership by example as crucial in enhancing teaching and learning and for the proper conduct of its members. Staff are, therefore, to display maturity in their lifestyle and serve as models for our students in particular and the public at large.

Institutional Patriotism: Members are to project and market the positive image of the institution in all spheres of life.

The institution offers a wide range of services running through research and training in Applied Sciences, Technology, Business Management and other fields of learning as may be determined from time to time with respect to addressing socio-economic problems and meeting the needs of Delta State in particular, Nigeria and the world at large.

The Polytechnic is located in the oil rich city of Kwale, Delta State.  Presently, it has impacted positively in the lives of the people of Ndokwa land. There is a great change and awareness in the attitude of the people in the town now compared with the past years following the presence of the Polytechnic.The enlightenment, awareness and orientation in the town is effective as it has shown in their culture and ways of life.

The Polytechnic has recruited cream of qualified, proved and tested staff both teaching and non-teaching to ensure high quality and standard of education for the students.



The vision of this great institution is to become a world class educational institution where technologically-driven academic programmes are offered together with research efforts and creative innovations directed towards addressing socio-economic problems.  Our emphasis amongst others shall be on skills acquisition for self-reliance to address the challenge of increasing unemployment to enhance the quality of life of the populace.


The mission of the institution are as outlined below:

  • To engage in quality teaching, learning and research through the provision of 21st century tools and resources for academic activities.
  • To produce diplomates with entrepreneurial skills needed to become employers of labor through effective entrepreneurship education.
  • To contribute effectively to economic growth and national development through quality research and creative innovations.
  • To engage in collaborative partnership with multi-national organizations, trans-national organizations, NGOs and individuals towards enhancing the quality of teaching, learning and research.



Our goals as given below are inline with the requirements for contemporary education and societal needs:

  • To provide a conducive environment for quality teaching and learning as well as sound character formation and self-discipline of the students.
  • To provide world class equipment and resources for effective teaching and learning.
  • To equip the students with entrepreneurial skills needed to become employers of labor.
  • To develop the talents and skills of our students in various sporting activities to enable them participate effectively in sports both locally and internationally.
  • To engage in international collaborations with educational institutions and research institutes for the purpose of sharing knowledge between staff and students of our institution and others in foreign institutions.


Our core values shall include but not limited to the following:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Self-control and Discipline
  • Pace –setting
  • Leadership-by-example
  • Good Stewardship
  • Institutional Patriotism